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Scott Taylor, East Main Street McDonald’s

New to town, and Lovin’ it!

I am Owner Operator for McDonald’s since 1985. On May 1, 2017, I added the restaurant in Westfield on 299 East Main St. to my organization. Within two months of taking ownership of the restaurant, we started on our rebuild project. It was during this time where I started to get a feel for what was different and special about Westfield. There is a sense of community here which helps business people from outside the community feel welcome.

Beyond that, the professional staff which make up the municipality were courteous and timely with the work they do. Even the local utility Westfield Gas + Electric was helpful and responsive to our needs throughout the construction process. Since our grand opening in December, we have been blessed with many new and returning guests from the town, college, and around the Pioneer Valley.

While I have only been in Westfield for a year as a business person, I can tell you for certain that I am happy to have invested my money and future here in Westfield.

Westfield’s large industrial zone, excellent highway/rail/air access, fast track permitting, economic incentive program, proximity to the region’s knowledge corridor of higher learning educational facilities, and highly skilled labor force contribute towards the success of any business.

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